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What we do

We acknowledge and apply the latest cutting edge technologies and best practices to grow and evolve as your business changes. We take a deep look at your idea, understand your business model and we build together the strategy with a UX/UI perspective to assure your competitiveness in the digital market.


The only way to establish successfully a new product is based on precise founding. We are your partner from idea to realization during the full project life cycle. We help you mastering and testing the validity of your big idea and support you from requirement analysis, planning, usability to development, so it can achieve success on the market.

UI/UX Design

Design is fundamental and vital part of any portal, mobile or web application. On the course of planning different interfaces, we put great emphasize on the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Significantly to satisfy all needs, and of course the feelings of people. That’s why we strive for beautiful and tailor-made designs.


We feel comfortable in web and mobile application and also in large-scale major enterprise software developments.Platform independence is our nature, all of our webpages are mobile friendly and responsive. We build native applications for Android and iOS platforms and support cloud-based thinking.

Portable wireless dock for Apple devices

For the freedom of full connectivity, you need a DoBox. This shiny high-quality device helps you to connect your iPhone, iPad and Mac to any other device without wires. You can connect more external devices with a DoBox. You don’t need to think for an old fashioned laptop if you have to do any serious work, this smart device turns your iPhone or iPad into a strong workstation. DoBox gives you the choice with several ports to connect devices like flash drives, keyboards, mice, printers, monitors and so on. All of the connected devices can be used wirelessly. DoBox is the first portable wireless dock, a Hungarian innovation that has successfully performed in CES Las Vegas, Kickstarter, Sands Expo, Wolves summit, Tech West and Pioneers500.

Hack your brain with a multiplayer social game

Celebrum is an exciting real-time online game, where everyone can try out their skills & knowledge through various logical games. The thrill is high because each player is arriving from different part of the world, players never know their enemy’s origin until the game starts. Besides that, players can train their brain by gamification, they can participate in championships, where virtual currency can be collected and exchanged to valuable vouchers via the game’s website. Players can check their performance under their Profile and follow what type of awards have been collected after each achievement.

Take your health into your own hands

We are proud that we could join the development of Laborom, which is an international, award winning e-health application. Through the app interface, people with chronic diseases could register and follow their health status, measure it’s values, medical records, and could check their medical examination’s appointment and results day by day. The goal of the app is that people could constantly follow the change of their health status for example: weight, blood pressure, sugar level or any other detailed lab results. It is possible to set different reminders, so the users will not forget to take their medication on time. The app has been downloaded more than 120 countries worldwide.

Your favorite help tool in the freedom

Funmentor is your daily city guide and event portal where you can find various cultural events, shows, festivals, exhibitions, happenings, concerts and other programs all around Hungary. With Funmentor you can get a line quickly on the recent upcomings on bars, partyplaces, cool pubs or fancy restaurants, shops and other services. Just set your preferred city and date, then choose between the many entertaining opportunities in your city or read suggested articles. Funmentor applies geolocation services, so based on your location, it offers you closest restaurants, events or the best dating places in town.

The fastest way to get answers for your question

Anon is a social Q&A network platform where your friends can take personal questions on any topics and get answers from anybody. The aim of the app is to entertain and enhance the sharing economy, the freedom of information flow by anonymity. The users can login via their Facebook profile, get notifications and followers. All users can collect points on their profile and use the private chat function. The app recently reached the tenth place among social apps on the iOS App Store.

How we work

Thanks to agile methodology and constant communication, our partners participating in the development process. It ensures the final results as expected as you have been dreaming of.


At first, we discover and determine the requirements of your project idea. We brainstorm with you and translate your ideas into a structured step-by step roadmap. We are your partner from the beginning, guiding you at each step of the development process.


Planning and strategy are the grounding of all projects. We develop a wireframe layout, build a preliminary sitemap, set content priorities, position each element and clarify every function & feature in your desired web or mobile application project.


We strive for high quality in UX/UI design to navigate users intuitively by the first time around. From landing page to e-commerce store, we create fascinating experiences with the latest top design trends that work out the best for you and your customers.


Whether if it’s web, mobile or enterprise application development, you can count on us. During the development, besides coding, testing and building the architecture, we apply cutting-edge technologies to create world class products.


Launching your web or mobile application is the premier where you can blast off your audience and turn them to users. At this phase, all your ideas are come alive and turning to reality, that includes App Store, Google Play optimization and managing approval access.

Follow up

After the great launch our work is not done yet! All the high technology precision systems needs continuous maintenance and upgrades. We offer constant support and trainings for our partners to ensure run the launched product/service smoothly in the future.

Who have already trusted us

Clients said

Rita Szalai Online language school

"Csaba has been kind, flexible with me and my goals, we share the same way of thinking. The work was done quickly, and handled well the continuous iterations. Concerning business, I’d like to stay in touch on a long-term."

Annamária Tóth Profit Vállalkozás Segítő Kft.

"We have been working together with Inflex Studio in several years. I’m always amazed Csaba’s flexibility and speed! Our relationship is made of high level of professionalism, quick problem solving, and quick assistance. He is a nice determined person and very patient. According to my plan, I would like to maintain a long-term partnership with Inflex Studio."

Tamás Sengel Anon

"After Inflex Studio took on the work of our social application, we were able to create our platform quickly and flexibly. The provided backend service allowed us to operate the network efficiently."

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