Gyerekkel has appointed Inflex Studio to reimagine their web-based product as a native mobile experience, just in time to support the Startups international expansion. The mobile applications run on Android and iOS platforms as well. We’ve designed and developed their platform to be smooth, beautiful and easy-to navigate on the small screen, generating heavy-loads of users after release.

The challenge

The greatest challenge was to design interfaces where users can reach the most relevant content with the least amount of energy. It was an aggravating factor that, we ‘ve had to create the API layer to an already existing system, where the structure didn’t not allow us the modifications. Besides that, it was important that all functions should be on place, and operate as it is expected, thereby enhancing the user experience.

The result

We’ve created a clean mobile application with stunning design, that meets the expectations of a modern user friendly application. An easy-to-use interface, where users can surf between places, events and other contents. Furthermore, the web and mobile application won 4 awards in 2019.


- Website of the Year 2019

- Mobile application of the Year 2019

- Startup Europe Awards Hungary 2019 - Social category winner

- BVK - 10th Be SMART Startup Competition winner




UI/UX Design / Mobile App Development