Laborom is a hungarian startup who had a revolutionising idea in the health industry. The goal of the app is that people with chronic diseases could constantly follow the change of their health status for example: weight, blood pressure, sugar level or share any other detailed lab results with other doctors.

The challenge

The contest was to create a cloud based solution, which enables the same speed for each usage around the globe and handles heavy loads of users as well.

The result

Through the app interface, people with chronic diseases could register and follow their health status, measure it’s values, medical records, and could check their medical examination’s appointment and results day by day. It is possible to set different reminders, so the users will not forget to take their medication on time. The app has been awarded multiple times, and downloaded more than 180 countries worldwide, and translated to 11 languages.


- #1 medical app for iOS in Canada 2015

- The best e-health development of the year 2015

- Special Award at e-Festival in Excellent e-health development category

- Startup of the month Award in 2015

- Debuted in SXSW 2015

- Award for the successful businesses, 2015 by Ministry of National Economy