Stilly is a custom workflow management system that was developed in order to support production processes. Thanks to its data driven operation, it automatizes internal operational and workflow processes conveniently. An interface provides the opportunity to assemble a project with ease, made of different elements, and after that it helps in transaction. Its main advantage is compatibility, it can connect with any products, so it can be extended with any CRM solution as well.

The challenge

The biggest challenge was the implementation of the software. We have integrated our software solution step by step already in the beginning, in order to support colleagues on the project, and not to hinder them during their work.

The result

We have created a customized software solution that is easy to implement and manage. Any online solution that can be simply integrated to the software, which is a perfect founding for future developments. A great solution for any manufacturing or production oriented enterprise who would like to enhance their operational efficiency and daily productiveness.


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Design / Development