Anon is a hungarian startup, founded in 2016, Hiventures also has powered it with a first-round investment. Anon is a social Q&A network platform where your friends can take personal questions on any topics and get answers from anybody. The aim of the app is to entertain and enhance the sharing economy, the freedom of information flow by anonymity.


The challenge

In the first round, we planned the database, applied the API, then we have built the social network among the users to enable the direct communication between them. The challenge was to implement the gamification tools, which the users are able to earn points. The full project was developed in NodeJS.

The result

The users can login via their Facebook profile, get notifications and followers. All users can collect points on their profile and use the private chat function.

The app has become quickly popular among teens and resulted a 4.3 rating and reached the tenth place among social apps at the iOS App Store in 2017.