Why your company needs a mobile application?



Only a few companies discovered the benefits that the number of mobile users reached full penetration in Hungary. Not to mention, that smartphones dominates the market. However, for the companies, mobile apps are a great goldmine tool for marketing.

So far, only the largest enterprises, multinationals and retail chains could allow themselves an own mobile application, or leastwise for now. Though, the benefits are clear, even the smallest companies could gain huge profit from a personal mobile application.

Communication, interaction

One of the greatest benefits of owning a personal app is that, it’s a new channel to reach your customers. The app is still working in passive mode - it’s appearing on the user’s mobile display, the icon remains in the user’s memory, and become familiar. The benefits of continuous guise doesn’t need further explanation. But what is more significant here, that all the possible information is easily accessible, processable and sharable at one place via the app.

In an app you can find the following informations, such as your products/services, company and contact data (built-in maps services, phone numbers), news and other content could be sent to user’s phone. When notifications are turned on, users can be informed immediately about discounts or key events, meetings. It also ensures the possibility to participate in different loyalty programs, which are more cost efficient and simple, than losing other physical coupons from your pocket.

It makes you stand out from the crowd

An app could help you to strengthen your brand identity and differentiate from your competitors. Differentiation is already guaranteed by the existence of the app, because there are only a few small and middle sized companies who managed to develop a personal mobile app. If the user sees the app at every occasion by touching their phone, or just scrolling, searching for something, or switching on the phone, it still enhances the company’s brand identity. It stickst to the user’s memory.

Two-way communication could be more effective, if there is a built-in chat feature or service in the app, it enables you to be constant available. You can also put useful and quickly reachable informations, so your information will be meaningful and useful for your customers, without opening a browser.

Unlimited possibilities

There are several methods to use up all the advantages of an application, since we can get a direct, personal applicable channel for marketing purposes and our messages could reach the audience in a more effective way. Our targeted audience will take more advantage on our sales, and discounts, and more people will pay attention our latest news and innovations.

The mobile industry is constantly augmenting, and it is not needed to prove the benefits of the new technologies and how the companies could take advantage against competitors. A mobile application could give the virtue to strengthen the brand identity from the slowly responding competitors and allows stable funding in customer’s mind.