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Today we are living in a different life than our ancestors. We invented technologies that changed our life. We can experience its benefits and harmful effects as well. But are we ready to implement something like modern technology in our life without destroying our human nature and the Planet?  Can we use them to improve our well-being by maintaining a balance with our environment? If yes, then how could we do it and what way should we adapt them? 

These were our deep questions at the moment of the creation of our company Inflex Studio. Our vision and investigation still have an impact on the company’s present and it’s future.  

In this article we would like to share with you our personal subjective idea of what we think about the relationship of the humans and technology, and how could we improve our life with them without losing humanity and destroying our environment. 

Human As A Creative Being

The evolution of the human being is absolutely amazing. How we have become capable of creating such a creative and complex thing like the airplane, the computer, mobile, internet, and countless other invention. The creativity of a human being is infinite. We can always evolve and develop further.  This is the inimitable and the most incredible skill of a human, that technology can’t replace. We are happy because of this process of creation. Let’s just see a startup or an individual who invented a life-changing solution to make a world a better place. These people live in a “flow” state, more precisely within a higher energy because of their creativity. Because they found out that helping for others is extraordinary. We believe that we need to keep this way of living because this is how we can live a happier and more balanced life. 

But not at all costs. More precisely, if we create something that comes from our “soul” and “heart” that it will help to keep the balance. Create something that intends to earn money or to gain power and influence, these kinds of inventions are destructive not just for the people but for our environment as well. 

Tesla’s vision is not just about car selling. We see that the founder Elon Musk really wanted to help and create something valuable for humans that makes a world a more livable place. It is promoting sustainable energy and it has a decisive role for its inventions like electric cars, Gigafactory, a battery that can power your house, supercharger stations, and a long-awaited solar house roof. Amazing performance from a human with the help of technology. If we stick to the previous example we can see that this not only raise the awareness of human beings but make their life livable with the solar house roof, that can produce energy from the rays of the sun. On the other hand, it also keeps our environmental untouched and sustainable. 

Unfortunately, we can find easily destructive innovations like plastic bags, cigarettes, gun powder, etc.. which is not the invention of the heart rather than the laziness, greed or lust for power. We believe that this is an important point where we can make a decision to which way we want to support. Each individual has its own opportunity to choose. 

We shouldn’t forget our core essence, our heart that leads us to great innovations without destroying our environment. Which means that we still use our brain and mental capabilities but let the heart to lead us. 

So, don’t forget that each technology comes from an individual goal or a group of individuals. If it has a “heart-based” vision than it will support a brighter future. 

Technology As A Good Servant

Technology can take over the control over people?  Let’s imagine a world where people never meet with each other and there is no personal contact between humans. We wake up with “glasses” on our head, and the day starts immediately with our work. There is no time for rest, we are always online. We can say that we are virtual prisoners. Of course, we can say that we saw that in a lot of science fiction movie and that can’t happen with us. 

Unfortunately, it can happen. If we see technology as our future for escaping from the real world, use them unconsciously without knowing what we want to create with them or let to depend on them and we always just develop the technology site of the life without improving and understanding our human nature, than this scenario easily can happen. 

We believe that it won’t happen, if we follow our heart. Follow our passion without any desire these kinds of technologies can lead to save the world and make a better future. 

Let’s see the technology as a servant. If we use them, as a supporter of our life we can create ordinary things with them. If we see the previous example about the “glasses”, as a helper for people who has a phobia from height and it helps you to overcome it, then the way of implementation absolutely changed. 

“The ocean cleanup develops advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic”

Boyan Slat was born in 1994. Slat has been doing engineering projects and building things since he was two years old. In 2011, at age 16, Slat came across more plastic than fish while diving in Greece. He decided to devote a high school project for deeper investigation into ocean plastic pollution and why it was considered impossible to clean up. With this experience In 2013, Slat founded the non-profit entity The Ocean Cleanup. The Ocean Cleanup’s mission is to develop advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Slat use technology to make a livable life people and for animals. He uses technology as a “servant” to make our environment cleaner.

Brighter Future

Technology is awesome if we are ready to see it as a servant and use them to make a livable Earth for all the creature in this place. We are humans and we have the power to choose between constructive and destructive innovations. 

A world where technology equipment can serve fully the human well-being. We are in the edge of something extraordinary. We have robotic technologies that can plant and harvest our food. We can fully automatize our food production and delivery. We have the artificial intelligence that can lead and learn from these processes. We are able to generate energy from the sun, wind and water. Technology can build new houses, shelters for whom hasn’t owned yet. We arrived to a time where we have every source to supply all kind of needs that a human being can wish. Many of us have the question that after what we will be doing? Thinking and understand the human existence, creating extraordinary invention, traveling the world to understand other cultures. The best what we can, enjoy the life fully without concern about the tomorrow, the food, the housing. We will able to do what we love to do, work what we really desire and have passion about it. Would you like to have a world like this?  This is our vision, this is what we strive for and create extraordinary apps that make a world a better place. 

Then why don’t we stop for a moment, think about this and change a little bit on our direction and our behavior? Because we always want to possess more money, power, safety etc… The solution to give up our desire to possess more things and focus on the creative side of the world, try to slow down and enjoy the moment and our relationship with other humans and environment. 

Back to the time when we established the company. We believed and we still do that the technology can be a good servant and it can help to do amazing things. But we won’t forget that we are humans and we make them for our brighter future. We will always serve the constructive site of life and help for people to do the same with our inventions.

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