7+1 Apps That Help You Save The Earth

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Are you a tech-savvy person who cares about the planet? If you also think that climate change, global warming, and world hunger are indeed serious issues today that we need to tackle, these applications will help you to save the world.

It doesn’t matter if you are already doing something to be more eco-friendly, or you just started to get familiar with all of the harmful effects of our lifestyle on the globe, you will undoubtedly find an application to aid you in your world-changing journey. Is there a specific cause you would like to support? Check out these apps for the solution.

The best apps to save the Earth

Seafood Watch

Are you a person who regularly consumes seafood? Have you heard that certain species of fish are under the threat of extinction? As our population grows, so as our food consumption, we fish more and more that jeopardizes the existence of some beings. This is why the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s team developed the Seafood Watch application, which lists all kinds of fish according to their sustainability and health. It also warns the user if they would like to purchase a fish that is on the verge of extinction and offers alternative choices. With the use of this app, you can make ocean-friendly choices when preparing your meals.

Source: salesforce.org


Oroeco is an app that motivates you and your community to make eco-friendly choices and save money to tackle global warming. If you know what carbon footprint is, I am sure you are also familiar with the negative environmental effects of our modern lifestyle on earth. By using Oroeco, you can calculate your and your household’s carbon footprint. Then, the app will track your actions, and give you tips for reducing your harmful mark on the ecosystem. You can also share your achievements, earn rewards, and compete with your friends, that all aim to make awareness viral. Don’t forget, you can also “become a climate hero”!


Dropcountr is intended for those, who have access to their utility bills. This app helps you calculate your household’s water usage and sets goals for monthly water savings. What is more, it also sends you notifications in case of leakage, or unusually high usage. Compete with your neighbors and check the water usage in your area, to see where you stand. It is compatible with any meter brand and read frequency.

Source: dropcountr.com

Light Bulb Finder

This is an app available for Android only, which helps you to switch to more cost- and energy-efficient light bulbs. Based on your needs, the app offers you effective solutions that help you save energy and money while maintaining the brightness of your home. You can check each bulb’s price and projected energy. Additionally, it allows you to create shopping lists for your upcoming shopping journey.


Are you a naturalist who likes to discuss findings, and share nature photos? iNaturalist is the Instagram of those nature-lovers, who do not hesitate to share their beautiful photos of creatures and the location of the shot, with other like-minded people. The app shares the recorded data with scientific data collection institutions, like the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, where scientists analyze the data sent by you. It helps them to determine where and when each organism occur on the world, thus they understand nature even more. You can join scientific projects that interest you while broadening your knowledge about the environment.


It is an app for North Americans, as it is also expanded to parts of Mexico and Canada, which helps you to find a place to recycle your waste. It can find you the nearest recycling station with its opening hours, and with information about which materials they accept using your ZIP code. iRecycle also provides you with directions to the location and phone numbers, in case need any additional information from the venue. It makes recycling a breeze because this app provides you with information whether the materials can or cannot be reused.

Source: pastemagazine.com

EWG’s Food Score

If you pay attention to what you eat and want to avoid contaminated food with pesticides or antibiotics, EWG’s Food Score app helps you. It uses its extensive database to tell you the nutritional value of what you are about to purchase or eat. If you want to go all bio, probably this is the best app you can have. The app scores food and shows you the likelihood of pesticides or contaminants in each piece. It helps to point you to healthier options for better living standards.

Charity Miles

Are you a sporty person, who cares about others? Then Charity Miles will be your favorite mobile app. You can make a positive impact by uploading the results of your cycling, walking or running to social media. Just choose a cause you would like to support, and Charity Miles will donate 10 cents/mile in the name of bikers and 25 cents/mile in the name of those who walk or run to the chosen charity. This app will make you fit, thus helps to tackle global obesity issues, and it also aids you in sponsoring a foundation for a better and healthier world. With the use of Charity Miles, you can become a better person. Jump on your bike or put on your sneakers for a higher cause!

Source: purposegeneration.com


Fortunately, there are many companies around the world who take environmental and societal problems seriously. If you also want to become an advocate of any of these causes and contribute to the development and cure of our globe, you have many options to choose from.

If you have a great idea how to save the world for CSR or charity applications, do not hesitate to get in touch with us in order to deliver an application to users together to make the world a better place.

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