Why Should Businesses Invest Into A Mobile App?

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Company owners are in a pretty difficult situation nowadays when it comes to sales and marketing activities. Given the huge variety of communication channels, different types of engagement and massive competition, sometimes they can be clueless how to grow their businesses. 
While online marketing strategies can cover many of these needs a very powerful tool is often missed out from the list: the mobile application. 

Mobile applications are many times underestimated in efficiency but they can be the secret ingredient to success. Enabling direct contact with specific niche audiences, mobile apps can be a great help when planning customized digital marketing campaigns. 
If you are considering giving a boost to your business take into consideration the advantages of mobile apps and the poor excuses why companies don’t take the time and effort to invest in them.

According to 2018 research5.135 billion people used their mobile phones on a daily basis and this was the main device that was used for searching the web. The mobile app development is not just a bubble anymore, this will be a trend for the future and the mobile penetration in the digital market will probably grow bigger in the upcoming years. It’s good to know that a mobile app is not just a mobile version of your website but a unique tool that gives exceptional brand experience to your customers and provides them with an instant connection to your business. 
 Based on this data there’s no wonder why successful companies should consider a mobile strategy if they want to keep up with the latest trends and reach their target audiences. 

So why should businesses invest into a mobile app? Let’s see some real benefits it can offer.

Push Notifications

Can you imagine how many options does an average user have when they want to find information about a product or a service? Endless. In the sea of uncontrolled information, it is hard to stand out unless you can send push notifications directly to your target audience. These little pieces of information can lead your customers to find the right solution with the help of your company and don’t need to search further. 
Also, the more regular your customer meets your brand loyalty and trust will be stronger towards it. 

Talking about bonding loyalty programs, customized offers and special discounts that are offered exclusively via the mobile app can make your customer feel exceptional and special. 
Reward programs like Starbucks offers to build brilliantly the brand reputation. While organic social media reach is shrinking and you can only reach a small percentage of your target audience without advertising, a mobile application is still effective when it comes to creating loyalty in an organic way. 

Advertising canvas

Think about your app as an always available blank advertising canvas. Whatever information you want to communicate through it, it will surely reach your target audience, and the costs will be way lower than a billboard campaign. 

Artificial Intelligence

With the rise of AI companies can integrate Chatbots and virtual assistants in their customer service. 
Some predict that the global chatbot market is expected to reach $1.23 billion by 2025. This means that a great portion of customer service will be operated by chatbots and the virtual assistance service will enhance this function further. 

There is a great customer demand to have access and get help from your company 24/7 even on the go. This way customer service will always be available and customer satisfaction can grow with the on-demand connection. 
Not to forget that there is an additional use of this technology. AI is also used in UX / UI predicative analysis to make the customer journey more precise. With the microsegmentation of your target audiences you can create better buyer personas and thus more satisfied clients. E.g. location tracking helps to create geo-specific marketing campaigns customized for your clients’ needs. This methodology is already applied at tech giants like Apple, Facebook, and Google. 

IOT, wearables

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IOT) we can now control our gadgets via the Internet without personal presence. This provides a high personal convenience and who wouldn’t want that? Nowadays mostly fitness companies offer smart wearables for users, but controllable fridges and heating systems are not fictions either. If you can think of an idea that can be implemented as a smart gadget you will get a huge market advantage over your competitors. 

Augmented Reality 

Can you remember how successful Pokémon Go was? This made a debut to the everyday use of Augmented Reality that will slowly but surely be implemented in applications. While only a few companies are using this feature it can make your company outstanding in the market. It will not only give a WOW factor to your brand but it will also make it more convenient for your customers to find you. AR/VR are predicted to reap over $200 billion in revenues by 2020 so this function will not only be a free-time activity. 

Mobile payments

Although we had to wait for mobile payment enablement long, it is now becoming a thing. User preferences are shifting from cash payment to online and mobile. Mobile wallets and digital currencies will play an important role in the upcoming years as the mobile payment functions are expanding. If customers can easily purchase a product or service via a few clicks on their phones, then it will increase their satisfaction rates – and eventually sales number too! 

+1 Earn money with your app!

If you can think about successful use of your mobile application, you can even monetize it. In-app advertising, in-app purchases or even a paid app is an option to gain back some costs of investment – or earn even more!

Why companies avoid from app development?

While the benefits clearly explain why it is worth investing in a mobile application there are still many false beliefs why companies avoid getting them made for their companies.

Nr. 1 false belief: Timeliness

Companies think that developers will not create the application on time. 
In some cases, where there are special preferences delays can happen, but it is equally important for the developers to be trustworthy and be ready with work on time. The more satisfied clients they have the bigger their reputation will be.

Nr.2 false belief: Lack of quality

Companies do not know if the developers will produce quality work. 
Thanks to the ever-evolving online presence developers can be tracked nowadays easier. Always ask for references and/or check out their profiles on social networks. Whoever considers themselves quality developer will surely upload some of their reference works.

Nr. 3 false belief: Extra costs.

There will be hidden costs at the end.
Because we are talking about a custom-made programme the prices vary in every case. Fortunately, there are basic specifications and developers endeavour to be precise with the prices as they also need to count with working time. Also, they usually work on several projects, so time is money for them as well. It helps a lot if a company can describe the desired application in a detailed way so negotiations can go smoother.

Final thoughts

  • A mobile application may need a bigger investment, but if you think about it as a separate marketing tool that needs its own strategy it will generate way more revenue than the initial costs.
  • Never afraid to ask! A customer’s success is the developer’s success too! Think about all of your questions and a truly devoted developer will be able to answer all of them. 
  • If you are specific and detailed about your idea, no competitor will be able to steal it and you will be a market leader in your field. 

At Inflex Studio we believe that our customers’ success is our success too. Transparency is a core value at our company meaning that our clients can have a look in the development phases at any time and no question will stay unanswered. 

Still in doubt? Feel free to get in contact with us and we will be happy to guide you around! 

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