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Are you thinking about outsourcing your brand new app’s development to a third-party company? Has it ever occured to you to look for a partner agency in a different country? In this article we will show you why Hungary is a great choice to outsource your IT-related requirements.

Let’s begin with the fact that hiring another company to carry out your app’s development is not an uncommon practice. In 2016, 72% of all businesses around the world outsourced their development needs, and the number is only a slightly lower in case of other markets.

Relying in another company on the other side of the world can be scary for the first time. Although after finding the perfect developer team for your requirements, the results can be astonishingly positive, not to mention the costs that this project will cut down for you.

Hungary has been the choice of many multinational companies as a base for their R&D and manufacturing departments. Here is a list of the world’s biggest companies, without being exhaustive, who chose Hungary to outsource one of their major sectors:

  • Prezi
  • Logmein
  • AImotive
  • Barion Payment
  • Seon
  • IBM (earlier Ustream)
  • Synetiq

…and the list could go on for a long time.

Why Hungary is a perfect choice for companies and entrepreneurs to outsource their app development?

We honestly think there is more to it than just the cost-cuts that you are going to achieve with a Hungarian developer team. Let’s dive right in to explore all of the benefits this country has to offer for you.

Perfect location

Being located in the heart of Europe, Hungary has the perfect location to provide services to the West and the East at the same time. The time difference from New York is +6 hours, while from Hong Kong is -7, which means that your developer team will deliver high-results to you while you are sleeping, with an adequate overlap in working hours that is perfectly enough for business meetings, briefings, reports and monitoring.

There is no need to worry about an outstretched developer team, who stresses out under the burden of the new project’s short deadlines. Your chosen Hungarian app developers are solely focusing on to achieve the results defined by you, without being disturbed by any other IT-matters.

Highly-skilled workforce

According to the research of the OECD, (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) 94% of the Hungarian youngsters are expected to graduate from upper secondary school, which shoots Hungary among the top OECD countries in this respect.

There are many top-ranking universities in Hungary as well, which results in a high post-graduate rate in the country. Each university is striving to deliver up-to-date knowledge to their students, which they can use in the business world upon entry.

As a result of this high proportion, Hungary is the hothouse of talented people, who are willing to use their knowledge in a wide-range of fields to facilitate their advancement.

Cultural factors

Hungarians have a long history throughout which they’ve had to rely on each other, their knowledge and skills to rebuild their nation and country. They’ve been struck by the devastating power of selfish kings, horrible wars and vulturous tyrants that taught them to put their faith in their close peers for all. This experience resulted in their great team-playing, problem-solving and initiating skills, that are inevitable when you would like to succeed in the business world.

Hungary has a rather collective national sentiment. Hungarians are able to focus on achieving a common goal, which is handy when it comes to the execution of an outsourced app development project.

Great command of English and communication skills

As English is the most commonly chosen foreign language in the country, most Hungarians in the business world have great English-speaking skills. Working on an international project makes this skill of utmost importance, so it definitely worth choosing a team who has such experience.  

By nature, Hungarians are communicative when it comes to business meetings or closing a deal. If you really would like to make sure that there are no misunderstandings between you and your newest partner, Hungary is definitely a good choice for your app development.

Strong work ethic

Hungarian people are known to be determined, diligent and sometimes workaholic.Working overtime is not a new thing for this nation, when the project’s end is fastly approaching. Hungarians have a great reputation throughout the world, because they are working harder and smarter than many other nationalities do. Speaking from experience, Americans who have experienced the work ethic of Hungarians are not willing to set the bar lower anymore.

Knowledge of the newest technologies

Being a Central-European country doesn’t stop Hungarians from learning the newest IT technologies and using them in extraordinary ways. Hungarian IT professionals, just like the Inflex Studio team, are learning from world-famous courses and exceptional universities, where they have access to the best and most innovative development approaches. Ranging from the usage of augmented realitythrough agile solutions to lean technologies, developing breakthrough web and mobile applications has never been a problem for them.

Quality-price ratio

The average wage of an IT professional in Hungary is around $10-20/hour, while in the United States this can be as much as $30-40. Obviously, you will need to tackle other questions that come with the outsourcing process, like taxation, outsourcing company fees etc., but all together it is going to cost you a lot less to hire a foreign developer team than execute the same project in your home country.

Even if you cut serious expenditures for your own, it will not result in quality loss at all. Due to the arguments mentioned above, the same high-quality, transparent and trendy software can be developed in Hungary with the help of a third-party company. However, we honestly think that this is not the most pressing reason behind working with a Hungarian digital agency.


All things considered, Hungary is a great choice if you would like to work with talented developers empowered with the knowledge of the latest technologies. Outsource to Hungary if you want a team who is working while you are sleeping, but there is still enough time for business meetings and briefings because of the time difference. Moreover, choose a Hungarian team if you want to make the best out of your development without having to put up with lower quality, while saving lots of money for your company.

Of course there are many unprofessional digital agencies in Hungary as well. As a result it is extremely important to choose your partner wisely, you really need to put some energy in choosing the perfect team for your needs. We recommend you to cooperate with an agency who is reachable, transparent about their processes, delivers high quality results while keeps communication simple and ongoing. Not to mention trustworthiness and accountability.  

If you really would like to work with a team who is ready to own your project using their ability to laser-focus on their task, the Hungarian Inflex Studio is a swiftly emerging digital agency who you can trust to develop your application.

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