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In the market, new applications are announced every day. In 2018 around 205 million mobile apps will be downloaded worldwide according to the Statista and dozens of major brands are moving to progressive web applications in order to raise customer engagement and higher customer satisfaction. More complex and better things await for us if the technology continues to develop.

Nowadays, You can use them for sharing your memories, your experience, to find a location or to find a friend, just to mention a few of them. But there are just a few applications that really changed the world or at least some aspects of the communication and the people perspective about relationship such as Facebook.

Will there be new applications that will change the world? If yes, in what kind of field, for what kind of devices?

With this article, we want to unmask and reveal the secret of the most significant technology changes that will give a “birth” to the future of apps.

Automated driving technology

As we know from the news there are plenty of companies who are striving to develop the future of vehicle transport without a human driver. A lot of auto brands and other tech heavyweights are investing in self-driving cars. Tesla, Alphabet, Apple, and Toyota just to mention a few of these companies. This will change the whole concept of future transportation. Let’s look an example for the future of app-related with automated driving technology.

“Borrow a car every day” app: Can you imagine a world where people don’t own cars just use an application to borrow a preferred color or type of the car in the morning and it will take them to work for some money? It can happen easily. Our fantasy name could be a bit more trendy… ☺ But let the development company think about it.

Of course, a self-driving car opens a range of options for future apps. What if the whole car will be more like a cabin. In that case, I could imagine an app that changes the environment within the car or make it fully transparent.

Smart home

Shortly, you can fully be connected with your home by apps. This technology is not far from us. We have already experienced some features of this new wave. You can turn on the lights, lock the door, deactivate alarms or controlling your jacuzzi water temperature with apps far from home. That is just the tip of the iceberg. But what kind of application expected in the future?

Smart Refrigerator app:

Maybe you have already heard about this app. But we need to mention it because it is so cool.  A refrigerator that is able to figure out what foods you consume more and replenish them with an order from an online grocery store?
Furthermore, what if your refrigerator could analyze your eating habits and how many meals you eat daily and give a prediction of energy levels that you will gain from the foods and show you a healthier eating habit plan? Yes, this is already happening.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Who would not have heard or tried any kind of virtual reality headset? Currently, VR technology most commonly uses virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Rift or most of the Android or IOS phones support VR, you only need a headset to put the phone into it.

This technology really can help to make a difference in our future.


Virtual tour around the world

Did you have a busy day? You want to relax and take a look for the pyramids at Egypt or checking the elephants at Sri Lanka? This is what VR would provide to you.

Virtual fitting room

You don’t want to go to the shop, or you just want to order from the Amazon because it is cheaper, but you don’t know it would fit you. Then upload your sizes to the app, lift your VR headset up and try the clothes in a virtual fitting room.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Nowadays Augmented Reality is really a potential. Unlike virtual reality, which creates a totally artificial environment, augmented reality uses the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it. Google, Facebook and Apple invest a lot of money into AR technologies.

But Does really AR have the potential to change our lives that much?

Management apps

AR is capable to analyze the environment and send real-time feedback. Imagine a manufacturer where the supervisors have a glass and can see what is the employee’s performance and can identify who are falling behind and give them help with difficult issues.

Next-gen communication

The next generation of communication can be the 3D avatars of users to create a personal experience. Like in the sci-fi movies you can speak to a hologram who is sitting in your couch.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Intelligent machines that work and react like humans? Yes, this is AI. Imagine a world, where the machine can do all the “paper” work and humans only need to work and think about creative stuff and creation. Because of the huge useful data that gathers by AI can be used in very different ways.

Inflex Virtual Assistant app

At Inflex we are working on the future of apps, therefore we started a project to create an app that can work for you and can do all the tasks that a human assistant could do. Answering for emails, internet research, pay the bills and remind you for your schedule and deadlines. These are the basic tasks that an assistant need to do and these are what our app will do for you. Does it sound great right?

Definitely, there are dozens of potentials in these markets, so you can start to play with your imagination how you could penetrate this market and establish the next world-changing Startup.

Our team at Inflex are ready to bring your idea to life successfully.

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